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10" Rest Five Natural Collection

10" Rest Five Natural Collection

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Recharge and refresh with the Pure Natural 10” Latex mattress. It is the perfect blend of support & durability, giving you all night comfort and the good night’s rest you have been dreaming of. While supporting the environment, this mattress offers a body contouring experience, as well as providing ultimate comfort for the mind and body.

Dunlop Latex is eco-friendly, non-toxic and offers health benefits. It contains no synthetic materials, no harmful chemicals or flame retardants and releases no VOCs. Our cover is made of combined fabrics including natural linen, cotton and quilted with Joma wool—all of which are hypoallergenic and repel harmful microorganisms. Dunlop Latex also has natural cooling features in the natural latex to promote better sleep quality.

Sleep on a cloud and support your well-being with the Pure Natural 10” Latex mattress!

Mattress Layers

Mattress Features


Sizes Width Length Weight
Twin 38" 74" 104lbs
Double 53" 79" 122lbs
Queen 59" 79" 139lbs
King 78" 79" 170lbs

Box Dimension: 18” x18” x 42”

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How Dunlop Latex is Produced

The Dunlop production process is the most energy efficient method of producing latex foam. While the latex is in liquid form it is foamed and poured into a mold. The mold is then closed up and placed on a conveyor belt. The mold is then moved on the conveyor belt into a vulcanization oven.

After vulcanization is complete, the latex foam can be removed from the mold and placed into a washing station. The foam is thoroughly washed to remove any soaps and excess material from the foam. Thorough washing of the foam allows the foam to retain its elasticity, counters aging and ensures it’s purity. After washing, the foam is fried at a high temperature to remove all moisture from the final product.

  • Our Natural Collection mattresses are tested by the eco-INSTITUT for critical substances, odours, and emissions. The eco-INSTITUT certifies that products for indoor use are low-pollutant, environmentally friendly as well as non-hazardous to health. They have over 30 years of international experience in the area of emissions testing and pollutant analysis.

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  • We only use organic latex that has been certified by GOLS. GOLS is a globally recognize standard for products which use organically grown natural rubber latex. The GOLS standard is able to connect the finished latex product all the way back to its farm level origins and procedures. They also adhere to social and environmental regulations.

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  • You should feel safe when it comes to using products tested with this standard as it is one of the most recognizable textile tests in the world. Products that pass the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® are free from substances that are harmful to human health. Their standards are so high that in certain cases can even surpass national and international requirements.

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