We are amid a great transformation as a brand as we see the power of luxury dictate our future. It is our mission to deliver a bespoke experience to every client buying our mattresses. Our new collections are all made to order and handcrafted in Canada.

We have not spared any detail in each of our collections, as we intend to revitalize the mattress purchasing experience.


Our Bespoke Collection is a new concept that allows each client to work with Rest Five in designing a custom mattress of their own. A mattress not just made to order, but truly made to measure. Each Bespoke mattress will be designed from our Bespoke Catalogue and will include our signature mattress cover. Clients will be able to determine all their foam layers, foam styles, densities, and mattress measurements.

Bespoke models all include our white glove delivery service.

Our Bespoke Collection will also include our Rest Five Signature mattress. The Rest Five Signature is an 11” memory foam mattress, made with high quality materials, and includes 5lb memory foam as a comfort layer along with our signature mattress cover. The Signature Mattress Cover features ionized fabric with natural healing properties, anti-microbial protection, cool capture technology, and dual covers (primary cover and secondary cover), and a washable primary cover.

The Signature mattress is rolled and shipped in a re-usable mattress bag. Our white glove delivery service is available as an upgrade, eligible for select geographies to be determined.


Our Organic Collection is a 100% organic collection, ranging from our mattress to bed sheets, pillows, and duvets. Unlike the basic organic mattresses available today, we have created a handcrafted luxurious mattress that has been meticulously designed. The plush retreat will present as organic royalty. We can’t wait to share it with you all!

The Organic Collection will be shipped in an organic re-usable mattress bag. Our white glove delivery service is included with each purchase.